From in silico prediction to experimental validation

We work every day to be your privileged partner for the optimization of your proteins. Our goal is to control modification of specific physical, chemical and biological features, such as stability, thermal resistance and solubility, without affecting the protein's activity.

We exploit for that purpose newly developed energy functions derived from known protein structures. An original functionality is the estimation of the optimality of each amino acid in the sequence with respect to the stability. Clusters of non-optimal residues represent particularly interesting sites for introducing targeted mutations. Rational protein design can be achieved using our proprietary software, highly useful for identifying very rapidly a list of possibly relevant mutations with the desired stability properties, on which subsequent experimental studies can be focused. 

To adapt to your specific needs, we offer custom-made services that can be integrated in a turnkey package or supplied individually:

  • Support in the integration of our web software
  • Protein audit
  • Rational design of proteins
  • Experimental validation
  • Mutant production

Contact us for any further information and for service quotation. 


Experimental validations:

Gilis D, McLennan HR, Dehouck Y, Cabrita LD, Rooman M, Bottomley SP. In vitro and in silico design of alpha1-antitrypsin mutants with different conformational stabilities. J Mol Bio (2003)

Cabrita LD, Gilis D, Robertson AL, Dehouck Y, Rooman M, Bottomley SP. Enhancing the stability and solubility of TEV protease using in silico design. Protein Science (2007)

Saunders HM, Gilis D, Rooman M, Dehouck Y, Robertson AL, Bottomley SP. Flanking domain stability modulates the aggregation kinetics of a polyglutamine disease protein. Protein Science (2011)


    • Custom-made services
    • Expertize in bioinformatics
    • Experimental validation
    • Mutant production