Enzymes are key in biocatalytic processes, and optimizing their properties is now possible with Dezyme software. Rational protein design can be achieved enabling to define optimal:

  • Resistance to high temperature
  • Long term stability
  • Desired specificity and/or selectivity

Case Studies

Prediction and characterization of modified agro-food enzyme

The objective was to identify mutants that remain active at higher temperature.

Our software identified in silico two relevant mutation (mutant 1, mutant 2, that were tested individually and simultaneously) and a double mutation (mutant 3)

After experimental validation in Erlenmeyer and in real process condition the 4 mutants showed a strongly improved stability and activity at 50°C compared to the wild type.

Results: Activity of the wild type and the four mutants at 50C

The mutant who appears to have the best performances in all experimental tests is mutant 2, in which a phenylalanine is mutated into an aspartic acid.