For green industries using many enzymes throughout their industrial processes, Dezyme software offers an advanced and efficient solution for protein design in specific and hard conditions.  These include high temperature, wide range of pH or high substrate and inhibitors concentrations. By using energy functions derived from protein structures, the software controls modification of specific physical, chemical and biological features without affecting the protein's activity:

  • Stability
  • Thermal resistance
  • Solubility 

Case Studies

Thermostability improvement

Feruloyl esterases are key enzymes involved in the complete hydrolysis of hemicellulose. The PoPMuSiC algorithm was applied to predict amino acid substitutions that might enhance the thermostability of feruloyl esterase A from A. niger CIB 423.1. Two beneficial substitutions, D93G and S187F, were identified and the corresponding double mutant displayed synergistic or additive effects with a 9.6-fold increase in the t1/2 value. The S187F substitution also led to an approximately 13-fold increase in turnover frequency compared to that of the wild-type. 

Shuai-Bing Zhang, Zhong-Liu Wu,Identification of amino acid residues responsible for increased thermostability of feruloyl esterase A from Aspergillus niger using the PoPMuSiC algorithm. Bioresource Technology 102 (2011) 2093–2096