Dezyme offers a valuable solution for the development of new biologics or processes. Biopharmaceutical companies can use Dezyme software to rapidly detect regions with stability weaknesses and identify relevant mutations.

Our software could contribute to:

  • Receptor affinity and selectivity improvement
  • Protein stabilization and solubilization
  • Guarantee good bioavailability and biodistribution properties

Case Studies

Conformational stabilization

The objective was to find mutations stabilizing the active form of a protein and destabilizing its polymerized form, which causes a range of disease.

Negative values suggest a stabilization. The polymerization time was used as indicator of the quality of identified mutations.

After the experimental validation, four of the five predictions were in agreement with the predictions.

Gilis D, McLennan HR, Dehouck Y, Cabrita LD, Rooman M, Bottomley SP. In vitro and in silico design of alpha1-antitrypsin mutants with different conformational stabilities. J Mol Bio (2003)